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Transparency - Every Drop

As we prepare to enter into 2019 it is our hearts desire that we would be able to continue to be as transparent as we possibly can.

Over the next two weeks we are seeking to raise $100,000 to build up and establish the work we are doing in three primary areas:

  • Reception & Rehabilitation

  • Reunification & Adoption

  • Long-Term Care

It is our hope that over these next weeks we would be able to show you clear window into our daily work. We want to be able to communicate with transparency, allowing you to see our celebrations as well as our struggles so that together we can march forward to accomplish the work we have set out to do. In everything we do, we want to operate out of integrity, honesty, openness and accountability.

Below is a brief overview of the exact intent we have with this $100,000. Every dollar has a destination and a purpose and will have an impact on the actual lives of the people we serve here in India.

Medical Emergencies: Throughout the year, there are medical needs arise amongst the 135 kids in our care. We are seeking to raise $10,000 to help cover these unpredictable costs for medical needs such as hospitalization, emergency surgery and medicines.

Supplemental Income for Low Income Months: January through April tend to be more difficult months for one-time donations. In order to meet the needs of our seven homes during these months, our hope is to raise $15,000 to use as supplemental income to meet the needs that arise.

New Staff Positions: In 2019, it is our hope to add eight full-time staff to our local staff in Hyderabad and Ongole. We are seeking to hire a Medical Manager, Property Manager, Public Relations Manager, two teachers for Victory Home and two social workers. All together we are looking to raise $27,400 to cover the annual salaries for these eight new roles.

Therapy Equipment: With a large portion of our children having challenges with mobility strength or speech, therapy is a top priority for us. We have been blessed with a wonderful therapy team and would love to be able to assist them by purchasing the equipment they need to better meet the needs of our kids. We are aiming to raise $3,100 to meet these needs.

Ongole Security Cameras: The safety of our children is a top priority for us here at SCH. Security cameras enable our staff to be able to better protect our children from potential threats. We are raising $4,000 to provide security cameras for our three homes in Ongole: Faith, Truth and Victory.

Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance: With many of our children and young adults in wheelchairs, we have many repairs that need to be done. We are seeking to raise $5,500 to make sure all of these repairs are completed as we enter the new year.

Staff Retreat: We consider the overall mental and spiritual health of our local and foreign staff to be critically important. We are seeking $2,000 to send our staff on an annual retreat so that they can have an opportunity to relax, rest and recharge.

Career/Business Training Program: We believe in family empowerment. In 2019, we have plans to launch a career and business training program for parents at-risk of abandoning their children due to poverty related issues. We are raising $10,000 to help establish this program and assist struggling families in southern India.

Financial Assistance for Reunified Families: There are a number of reasons that could cause parents to relinquish their child, but we don’t believe that poverty should be one one them. That’s why we are committed to assisting families who have been reunified so that they can stay together. We are raising $6,000 to help bring financial assistance to these families.

Vocational Program Supplies: Our older children and young adults participate in a vocational program that helps them to be self-sustainable while creating beautiful jewelry and crafts. We are aiming to bring in $2,000 to restock the supply closet so they can continue to make beautiful items to sell at local and international markets.

Long-Term Housing: One of our plans in 2019 is to start building long-term housing for our young-adults in Ongole. We currently own a plot of land and have the plans to start building. We are seeking to raise $15,000 to start breaking ground on this project.


A single drop has the power to create a ripple effect of impact. Every drop has a purpose and a destination - to bring nourishment and growth, to establish roots and to enable lasting change.

This year-end, we are asking our community to join us to contribute their 'drop'. Whatever it may be, $5 or $500, we know that every drop has the power to create a ripple effect and together we can create the momentum to impact change on a higher level!

Will you join us in this mission?


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