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The First 10: Part 3

10 kids. That's where it all began for us. Take a look back with us as we reflect on where it all began:


“Prakash is a real joy. He is unaware of his challenge, and laughs out loud at every new thing. He's very active and likes to turn on water taps, throw things up into the fan, etc. What they call a "typical boy"--nonstop on the go. He's comical and endearing.”

Today, Prakash continues to make progress in all areas of his life. He enjoys and is working hard on English reading and writing. He also continues to make strides in his verbal communication--growing more and more confident to speak up and use his voice and vocabulary!



Sarah first wrote about Caleb, his sweet, sweet heart and glowing kindness were already apparent to her. “He is deep and loves me deeply already. He is a gentleman and wants to help (offering to carry my bag for me, wanting me to sit down and have a meal, taking the broom and sweeping the floor himself, etc.)” Caleb loves deep, still. Today, Caleb has been doing great with the vocational program, creating paper products. In this he is utilizing, refining, and developing a variety of skills. He identifies colors and is able to cut paper for the projects independently. He also contributes to the gardening project--preparing the field and watering the plants regularly! Caleb has also been helping the cleaning staff around the house by sweeping.



John was 10. Sarah first noted that “He is quite the character. He's afraid of dogs and anything new, and can be stubborn when he is not allowed to do something he wants to do (like go in the car). He is very affectionate with women and men, always hugging everybody and presenting his cheek for a kiss.”

Today, our sweet John is a little more reserved. He has grown to be a bit introverted and contemplative. We love to watch him come alive in favorite activities--when he is given tasks he likes to complete them fast. John loves music time and makes sure his class is ready for it. He also is participating in the vocational program, always happy to assist his peers as they need!



Christopher, “What a doll he is. He is so innocent and gentle, and he looks at all of us with so much trust and love. He loves music and can sing well and dance. He will do something great for the Lord with worship. He is eager to go to school, as are Hannah and Caleb.”

Today, we still see how joyful Christopher is to learn, especially through the vocational program. They are making paper balls and he uses one hand to glue paper while holding the ball with his feet! He is inventive and creative and eager to try new things and develop his skills however he can! Christopher definitely loves the Lord--we have seen this in the days of his life between then and now. He lights up, radiantly, singing songs and praying during Sunday School, every Sunday.


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