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The First 10: Part 2

10 kids. That's where it all began for us. Over the course of the next week, we will be highlighting the stories of our first 10 children. Take a look back with us as we reflect on where it all began:


Hope, her real name Bhavishya, recently passed away in 2017.

Sarah wrote this about her once, nearly a year after receiving her into custody: “Hope has a real name that means "future". It's a beautiful name and the meaning is something prophetic that she can really hold onto and we can pray over her whenever we say her name: "Lord, give her a joyful, fulfilling future." We call her by her real name around here. "Hope" is just a blog nickname, but I thought it went nicely with "Future" (Jer. 29:11).”

Today, we celebrate that perfect future--eternity of rest and joy in the sweet comfort of her Father’s arms. We celebrate the lovely days that unfolded in her life while she was in our care. We are so blessed to have known Bhavishya and to share in her life and in her joy. She was a very loving young woman. Whenever visitors came through to Jubilee Home, she would immediately invite them in and bring them over to her caregiver to have them shake her hand. Bhavishya also had so much love for all of the little children around her. She always had a baby or small child on her hip covering them in love. We miss her and celebrate her deeply, deeply.



When Hannah first arrived into SCH’s care a decade ago she was 9 years old. On that first day, Sarah observed, “She is quite capable of going to school and asks me several times a day when she can start.” Hannah is still thrilled to learn. She loves her classes and is thriving in the vocational program in which she is exploring interests and developing more skills in different styles of jewelry making. Hannah continues to grow in independence and in leadership. She has a true servant’s heart and can often be found joyously serving chai, helping with meals and clean up, or playing with some of the younger children. Hannah is passionate about the camera--she recently got a hold on her house mother’s digital camera and she can’t get enough of it!



Josh arrived in SCH’s care around 8 years old. Sarah first noted that “he is interactive and laughs at the children's antics and their attempts to make him happy. He is the darling of everyone around.”

Today, that is absolutely still so true--he is our darling, a sweet favorite to so, so many. Josh has been making progress in fine motor skills, growing his hand strength and grasp in a variety of tasks. He is also identifying staff and caregivers in the home. He is learning to place his hands on staff's hands, palm to palm, as a greeting. Josh still likes spicy foods and meats, but he is not a fan of papau.


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