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Learning to Love India

It is no secret if you have ever met me that my love for India came slowly. When I first felt called to come to Sarah’s Covenant Homes to be a house mom it was easy for me to fall deeply in love with the photos and the stories of SCH but I felt neutral towards India. I never had a desire to travel through India and my sole knowledge of the culture revolved around an Indian restaurant I had eaten at once when I was younger. After many nights of praying and wrestling with my fears and doubts I finally committed to SCH and came to India on my 22nd birthday.

I immediately fell in love with the children and the ministry of SCH. My days were spent working with the kids to reach goals, managing various aspects of running a home, and advocating for the kids. I felt like I had been preparing my entire life for this time and many of my past experiences and education helped me ease into the role of being a house mom. Even on the hard days I was still so thankful that God had brought me to SCH. But I did not feel the same way about India. I was still overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds, and the pulse of life here. I did not feel at home in India and I found myself resentful towards the cultural barriers that seemed to be wherever I looked. Instead of trying to understand and find beauty where I was I retreated into my own bubble and only ventured out when I needed to. I used to tell people tha