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Sending a child to school can cost between $65 to $100 a month dependent on the school and grade level. This covers the cost of supplies, tuition, and transportation to and from school. By joining the education sponsorship team you can invest in the future of a child. Sponsorship starts as low as $20 a month.

By becoming a education sponsor, you are making a brighter future for our kids. In India, being able to attend school is a privilege, rather than a right like in some countries.  Your monthly support ensures that every one of our children is able to have that privilege. 


Being able to attend school gives our children a sense of pride and accomplishment. We set goals to allow consistent improvement while instilling a sense of value and purpose. Simply being able to attend school helps our kids break out of the stigma associated with disabilities. Your monthly support helps open the door to a bright future that can only be made possible by a quality education.

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