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Across India, we see that children are not getting what they need in state- and government-run orphanages, as these institutions are oftentimes underfunded, understaffed and unable to attend to the needs of each child. Children with disabilities are at increased risk to have their needs overlooked. Additionally, all children in orphanages, especially those with disabilities and medical conditions, generally experience diminished health, and sometimes these situations can quickly turn critical when they are not receiving appropriate care.

two children india

This is where we act - Reception and Rehabilitation. Reception begins with our social work team, who makes regular visits to the state orphanages in our region to assess if there are any children in need of our care. We work with the government to bring a child out of the orphanage and into one of our family-style homes. From there, our medical staff works with local hospitals and doctors to ensure that proper medical care is given to help bring healing and restoration of health. 

three girls hold guide canes

Once in our care, our children are welcomed into our homes, where we continue to provide them with the services that nurture their growth. We provide them with education, physiotherapy, nutritious meals, comfort, love, and so much more. Reception and rehabilitation is a priority of every team member at SCH, because everyone works together to create a loving, enriching environment where every child feels safe and secure, receiving the appropriates services that meet their needs.

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