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Every day in India, due to poverty and social stigma, many families abandon their infants and children with cerebral palsy, autism, intellectual disabilities, syndromes, blindness, and other diagnoses. The children are found alone in bus stations, train stations, hospitals, and trash heaps. If they survive, they often grow up without access to the crucial medical care, education, and emotional nurture they need to thrive. 

Schools, even residential ones, for children with mild or moderate disabilities exist in India, but Sarah’s Covenant Homes fills a unique void: we welcome children with even severe neurological disabilities who have no family support, and we care for most of them throughout their lives. SCH provides a loving home for 114 children and adults along with physical therapy, special education, and medical care. For some children, reuniting with their families is not possible and adoption doesn't happen, For those who will always need support, we provide lifelong care. We help others transition to independent adult life.


In India, as in most other countries, the cost of caring for a child with cerebral palsy or an intellectual disability is 3-4 times that of raising a non-disabled child. The children need daily medication, special diets, adaptive equipment, incontinence supplies, and staff support (caregiving, nursing, rehab, education, etc.) to thrive. Compassionate local and foreign donors provide for these children through in-kind and financial contributions. We invite you to invest in the lives of these beautiful young people and help us show them how precious and valuable they are.

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