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SCH Adoption Highlights

Over the course of our 10 years, we have seen over 40 local and international adoptions. That's over 40 new families! Join us as we hear from the three sets of parents who have adopted children from SCH:



The Baird Family

"We are the Baird family; Andy, Darice, Mercy, Lily, Manthra and Preshitha. Sarah's Covenant Homes has impacted our lives by saving the life of our youngest daughter, Preshitha (Blog Name: Mia).

When she was an infant, Preshitha was given a medical diagnosis that carries a strong social stigma. The government orphanage that she was living in could not provide adequate care for her. She ended up hospitalized in a crisis situation. Sarah's Covenant Homes took her in. They gave her the medical care that she needed to recover from her crisis. They loved her despite the social stigma surrounding her diagnosis. They brought her back to health and advocated for her to be placed in a family. By God's great design, we were blessed to be her family. She is more adorable than a basket full of puppies, smart, sweet, silly, and so much fun to have in our family.

When we travelled to India to bring Preshitha home with us we were able to visit her over two days at Anchor Home. We were so impressed with what we found there: bright open spaces, colorful artwork, a joyful, inclusive atmosphere, activities designed to stimulate each child in a way that was appropriate for them, an almost one-to-one staff to child ratio, a caring, patient, and committed staff, a home that affirmed the dignity of every person inside.

We have never seen the work of God carried out in front of us more clearly than we did during our visit at Sarah's Covenant Homes. We haven't stopped talking about Sarah's Covenant Homes since we returned home. We are committed to supporting their work in any way that we can. How can you possibly thank the people who saved your daughter's life?"

- Preshitha's Parents


The Stradley Family

"Vignesh (Blog Name: Theo) came home to Buffalo New York in December 2016. He is thriving! His vocabulary has expanded by leaps and bounds! He is doing well in school and his teachers were calling him “the Mayor” after 3 months of going there. Everyone knows and loves him. Vignesh loves helping mom do dishes or cook dinner, he enjoys riding bikes or setting up Ikea furniture with his dad! He adores his grandparents and especially loves eating with them or driving their tractors! Vignesh gained a cousin this year, and he adores her too- he can’t wait till she gets a little bigger so she can play! Vignesh Loves to play in the snow, go swimming, and watch movies! His six birthday party was airplane themed! We are so very thankful to SCH for how much love and support they poured into Vignesh’s life before we ever knew him! Vignesh has bonded well because of SCH! We are forever grateful."

- Vignesh's Parents

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