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Joy in the Waiting

October 4, 2014 is a day that I will never forget. This was the day that I was introduced to a room full of beautiful, silly, resilient, fun and incredibly strong little girls that I would call my foster daughters. I can remember so vividly walking down the long, grey hallway passing room after room until I got to room 9. When we arrived to their room, Sarah and I stood in the doorway while she introduced me to the girls in Telugu, their native language. The girls listened keenly to every word that Sarah said, while making glances at me to connect all the dots. The only words I understood of Sarah were “house mummy”. The girls didn’t hesitate for a minute to invite me in, sit me on the floor with them and tell me everything they possibly could in Telugu while they played with my hair. So quickly, the girls made me feel at home in their small, humble room and I was hooked. It was love at first sight. For the next month and a half, I spent my days preparing our home for their arrival. Because the government had not yet approved for me to take the girls under the care of SCH, I called the orphanage every day to see if they had made any progress on a single piece of paper that needed a signature in order to bring them home. I went back and forth to the orphanage to see the girls often while I waited for this signature. Every time I came to see them, they grew more familiar with my face and frequently asked me in Telugu and series of charades (they spoke no English and I spoke very little Telugu) when they would be able to come home with me. It crushed me not be able to give them an answer. When I wasn’t at the orphanage seeing the girls, I was at our home, going over every space that someday they would occupy, praying that it would come time soon for them fill our eerily quiet house with the best sounds of childhood. Circumstances could have predicted that it could be several months until I was able to bring the girls home. On the hard days, my faith became a fight to hold onto. But hope gave me a reason to keep calling, keep visiting, keep waiting with belief that God would be faithful to bring these g