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When They Say No

SCH has had 13 emergency admissions to the hospital so far in 2018.

We’ve accrued a total of 100 days and counting of ICU care. That’s over 3 full months of critical medical care that our children have received. And this says nothing of the many Emergency room visits that did not end in admission. Or the times that children were recommended for treatment in the general ward but were able to come home and be successful cared for by our staff nurses.

It’s sometimes hard to see the importance of money for our general medical fund. Often times we’re petitioning for money to pay for things that’ve yet to happen. Much like insurance, it’s paying into the “what ifs.” And that’s difficult in the face of “right now” needs. In the face of children who lack sponsorship. Or medical and therapy equipment that needs to be replaced. School fees that need to be paid. Provisions that need