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10 Answered Prayers

It would be impossible to quantify the number of hours and days that have been spent in prayer over the children of SCH in the last 10 years. Impossible to calculate the volume of time invested by Sarah, house moms, volunteers, staff, and our global supporters dedicated to interceding on the behalf of our amazing children and adults and our organization as a whole. Impossible to label the intervals spent on bended knee, heads bowed in our homes, hospital rooms, churches, and streets. Impossible to even count the sheer number of countries where SCH’s name and needs have been whispered in the presence of the Father.

A number that I can produce is 10. Our 10 biggest prayers from the last 10 years. The 10 biggest ways God has shown up and stepped in. The 10 things that we absolutely never could have done on our own. The 10 needs that the Lord fulfilled that have defined our direction and vision as an organization. The 10 answered prayers that rest in the hearts of all of us, pushing us forward while reminding us of the faithfulness of our God.

1. From the very beginning, it has been the prayer of Sarah and every volunteer/staff member who has walked through our doors to see children moved out of institutions. Children need the stimulation and stability of a home, not the cold, dull environment of an orphanage. They need to be loved, touched, and adored not simply a number and a photo on a piece of paper. SCH has rescued 225 children from government run orphanages. We use the word rescued not because we are saviors, but because we’ve taken children out of