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10 Years Ago...

In our reflection on these 10 years gone by, we have found ourselves digging through long ago blogs and stories about days and moments that have summed into this wonderfully beautiful decade.

Sweet nostalgia and joyful thanksgiving have filled us up as we have scrolled through so many words from our founder Sarah about those first few moments. We have found innumerable blessings and miracles--both big and small--woven into her account of these past few years. In this, we find the overwhelming beauty of God’s hand extended to us in unwavering love, springing forth change, sustaining life, writing this story. Today, in this blog, we go back to the very beginning. To January 30, 2008. To the day SCH officially began. On this day, 10 years ago, Sarah received a call from the local government to pick up the five children that she applied to take into custody. On that day, seeing so many children in need of rescue, she extended beyond her original plan and welcomed ten into our first home.

Here are some of Sarah’s words about that day, written 10 years ago: “We received 10 children (ages 8-17) and will receive two more (girls ages 1 and 1 1/2) next week. The ten are settled in and doing well. It's a wonderful thing, and I'm deeply happy about it. Yesterday I went to take the boys to the seashore for the first time. It's a joy to see how excited they get about the ocean, a car ride, seeing a train... Most children do not appear to be grieving at all about the move to our homes. Wish I could be mommy to all of them, but I don't want them to have a mommy who leaves each night.”

That day, God brought us Wendy, Amulya, Dhivena, Hope, Hannah, Prakash, Caleb, John, Josh and Christopher. He brought us 10 sweet and perfect hearts to fill our days with unending blessings. And that's where it all began...


Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be sharing the stories of our first 10 children - where they where then and where they are today. Stay tuned to hear their stories.


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