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A Consequence of 'Yes'

You’ve seen us post a lot about the financial crisis we’re living through here at Sarah’s Covenant Homes. You’ve read blogs and Facebook updates explaining the what and how much of SCH’s current debt ($54,208). But what I haven’t discussed yet is the how or the why. How did an organization that is about to celebrate its 10th birthday accrue this debt? How do we continue to provide the best care possible for our children and young adults while carrying such a burden? Why did we let it go on for so long before asking for help? Why are we pushing so hard now, less than one month away from the New Year, to clear this debt?


How did SCH accrue $54,208 of debt over the last several years? By continuing to say YES! Yes to God when He calls. Yes to the government when they have a child they’d like to transfer to our care. Yes to foster moms who found tiny, neglected children lying on a dirty floor. Yes to enrolling our children in school when their needs exceed what we can provide at home. Yes to quality medical care. Yes to love. Yes to family. Yes. Yes. YES.