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Calling Future House Parents

We are desperately in need of house parents! We are seeking both single men and women and married couples.

What is a House Parent?

The role of a house parent is varied but the main responsibility is to make sure that the kids in the house they work in are well taken care of and loved! Every house parent is in charge of 8-12 kids or adults in an apartment style building and lives in the home along with the children’s caregivers, teachers, and nurses. Together they make up a family and laugh, cry, and make memories together. House parents are expected to work together with the other staff in the home and ensure that the children are getting everything that they need.

What does a House Parent do?

Being a house parent is a tough job but very rewarding. It’s such a joy to be able to see the children meet milestones, take their first steps, celebrate Christmas, and be adopted or reunited with their families. House parents are also able to advocate for the children in their care and help rally their global community around them, allowing the kids to get everything they need and feel loved by those around them.

What does the day to day look like?

Each day looks a bit different for each house mom and may include working 1:1 with the kids, going to parent teacher conferences, taking the kids on outings, going to doctor’s appointments, or having a birthday celebration.

What are the Requirements?

House parents should be:

  • at least 20 years old

  • able to commit to one year (preferably 2 years)

  • able to raise financial support

What experience is needed?

No prior experience in caring for children with special needs is required, but it is preferred.

What does the process look like?

House parents receive training before and during their commitments. Each house parent will be interviewed and approved prior to coming and will complete a 6 week shadow period before they are given a house to run.

How do I become a House Parent?

Send us an email at for more info about being a house parent!


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