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Orphan Sunday

Happy Orphan Sunday! We are so excited that today is the day that millions of Christians around the world gather together to pray for the orphan crisis. At Sarah's Covenant Homes, we pray for our own children who were previously abandoned and thank the Lord that they are in foster families surrounded by many people who love and care for them. Although we are proud of our little homes, we recognize that SCH is not a substitute for forever families. Today, as we do every day, we pray for adoption for every child in our care.

Until that happens, SCH stands in the gap for children with disabilities whose parents and relatives are unable to do so. Our children receive a standard of living that they wouldn't have outside of our organization. We strive hard to provide medical care, physical therapy and an education for every child at SCH. We accept all children ages one to eighteen who suffer from a mental or physical disability from government orphanages. Through our staff of nurses, physical therapist, teachers, and caregivers, we ensure that every child is valued and loved.