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Esther was rescued by Sarah's Covenant Homes in 2009 from the Indian government orphanage due to her slight developmental/speech delay, seizure disorder, a mild form of cerebral palsy and monoplegia. Monoplegia is a paralysis of a single limb. In Esther's case, her left arm is affected by this condition. It would be easy to say that Esther has so much holding her back, but she refuses to give herself excuses.

This past year has been HUGE for this dedicated girl. At the end of 2016, our staff decided to pull her from a school that specializes in educating children with disabilities, and placed her in a regular mainstream school. Although it was a major adjustment for Esther, it only pushed her to work harder in her studies. After school, she works with our tutor to keep up with her peers. Studying is difficult for Esther, but we are so proud that she continues to work hard and exceed all expectations.