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Unsponsored Young Adults

Sarah's Covenant Homes is an organization that cares for children with special needs, but what happens when those children become young adults? We are proud to say that SCH does not turn out any child that reaches the age of adulthood. We continue to keep them into our home and care for them for the rest of their lives.

Although we continue to support our young adults, they are our least sponsored persons. Ever person in our care costs SCH $300 a month to feed, clothe, shelter, medicate and care for. These special young men and women are loved greatly and our staff treat them as their own sons and daughters.

We would love to continue providing a high level of care for these precious young people, but we need your help. Please read a few of our unsponsored young adult's profiles, pray over them, and if you can, sign up to sponsor one of them. You can impact their lives for as little as $25.