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A Year of First

When Sarah's Covenant Homes rescued Timothy a year ago, we didn't know how his first year was going to go. At first, Timothy was the shell you see in the photo above. He self-harmed by hitting his head for stimulation, a clear sign of neglect. Timothy was a sad boy who often cried and had outbursts and fits throughout the day.

Every day our diligent staff worked with Timothy. Through physical therapy and nutritious meals, Timothy began to build muscle and gain strength. Our educators worked with him to do simple tasks such as completing puzzles and stacking rings. Timothy acquired a routine. No longer did he have to provide himself with the stimulation he was lacking. Slowly his outbursts became fewer and farther between, his attention span grew, and daily activities went from frustration, to tolerance, to acceptance, to pleasure.

This year Timothy experienced a lot of things for the very first time.

Through SCH Timothy:

- received tutoring

- tasted yummy new foods

- made new friends

- participated in outdoor activities

- learned how to play soccer

- rode a stationary bike

- began running!

Timothy's face is no longer vacant. Today he is full of smiles. We are so thankful for our staff who put so many hours into this boy's miraculous turnaround.

We brought Timothy into our home not knowing how we would support him. Today, Timothy still needs monthly supporters. Would you consider to financially support Timothy so he can continue to receive the love and devotion he receiving at SCH? If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE to learn more about our sponsorship program and see photos of this special young man.


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