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A House Parent Looking Back: Heidi

Jaime DeBruyn was a house parent in Courage Green home at Sarah's Covenant Homes in 2016. During her time she fostered our precious Heidi. Heidi was originally living in Joy Home, where she was one of the youngest girls in the home. Under Jaime's care, Heidi began to flourish. Here are her reflections of her time with Heidi:

I think one of my favorite things to watch Heidi do was transition from "baby" of the house, where she was quiet and a follower, to the role of big sister. She instantly became more responsible, more bold, and oh so caring.

Heidi is a helper. She loves to clean, fold laundry, or help prepare food for the other kids. (One of my favorite memories were the days she would come in and sweep my room for me. Such a servant heart!) All out of her heart to care for others.

Another thing that is so obvious is her in herself... love that! She is determined to get whatever it is she is doing done, and done well. You can tell she believes in herself, there's nothing she can't do. Form her school work, to simply getting rid of a big bug.. no one can tell her she can't! The joy this one brings into life is incredible. She thinks she is the funniest thing, always laughing at herself, and she loves so well. Also, I'm convinced she could be a hairdresser... girlfriend is the BOMB at doing hair. Mastered the ponytail in just a days practice!!

Heidi is a wonderful example of how our children thrive under the loving care of a house parent. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out this form Volunteer Inquiry. If you would like to invest in Heidi's life but cannot make the journey to India, we are currently raising money to pay for the 2017-2018 academic year. Heidi has a tutor that works with her 5 days a week. If you would like donate towards this cause, you can follow this link to our webpage to learn all about the fundraiser and how you can give.


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