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Livy's Spirit

Meet our darling Livy. She was rescued by Sarah's Covenant Homes in November 2014. We knew right away that she was an incredibly special little girl. From day one we could see that Livy is that wonderfully rare kind of person who is full of life and brimming with that drive to live every moment to the fullest. She makes life better for those who have the privilege of knowing her.

Follow Livy around for a day an you'll see- No matter what she is doing, she is going to have fun! Her favorite part of the day is coming home from school to a house full of sisters to play with. Can you picture them all piling onto the trampoline to jump and flip and giggle? It's an every-day thing, and Livy is one of the leaders that will make up games and explain the rules to the younger girls. The bouncing group will often play tag, reaching their arms and stretching their fingers to try to tag each other, or make an organized attempt to the spring each other into the air. When she's had enough of the trampoline, Livy loves to bring the fun inside. She loves to play board games (the matching game is a favorite in Joy Home right now.) But hand