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Riley's Heart

Meet Riley! Our little heart stealer. Anyone who has ever met Riley can tell you first hand that he is a little charmer who is quick to steal the hearts of many. If you could only see his beautiful big brown eyes and luscious brown curls on top his head, you could see for yourself why. But there is much more to this sweet boy than meets the eye.

Riley was born with a congenital heart defect prior to being abandoned by his family. Riley was brought to Sarah's Covenant Homes in 2013 after having an emergency heart operation for his congenital heart condition. Riley was in rough shape prior to his arrival at SCH. Prior to his emergency heart surgery, his health would fluctuate continually from stable to unstable.

At 3 years old, Riley was unable to stand independently or communicate vocally. To keep up with his foster siblings, he resorted to scooting along the floor. He was restricted in what he was able to do due to his heart condition.

But if there is anything to know about Riley - he is a fighter. No matter the many challenges have come his way through out his life, Riley has fought them with determination, perseverance and grace. When Riley first arrived at SCH, he had a long road to recovery. Thanks to the devoted staff and volunteers, Riley was able to receive the therapy and motivation he needed to learn to walk on his own.

Today is thriving. He is no longer defined by his heart condition. Though still present, his heart condition doesn't keep him down. Today Mr Riley is a little chatterbox who is always on the move. Since coming to SCH, he has learned to not only walk, but run and speak.

We cannot wait to see where this little world changer will end up. Please join us in prayer for Riley as he waits to be matched with his forever family!


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