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Finding Santosh's Voice

When *Santosh came to Sarah's Covenant Homes in 2008, he was seen by the world as someone with very little potential. A child without much of a future to look forward to. We believed even then that he was special and refused to accept the lie that he would never amount to much, and how powerful it has been over the past 9 years to see just how right we were. Although he is mute and can't communicate much, *Santosh has so much to offer. All of our SCH staff agree that he is a huge help and an enormous blessing. We can't imagine what life in Victory Home (*Santosh's home) would be like without him.

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting *Santosh, you already know that he is a brilliant young man. He is a leader in his home and is always lending a helping hand. If you've never met him (as most of you likely haven't) let me paint a picture for you: the first time you visit Victory, *Santosh will reach out to politely shake your hand and then lead you to meet his foster brothers, most likely doing crafts in the room next door (a favorite pastime in this home.) He will probably show you around his home and let you try out the many crafts his little family has made. A rocking chair, hats, pottery...