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Caden's Second Birthday!

I cannot believe my little boy turned two today! It seems like not that long ago we celebrated his first birthday and he couldn’t even sit up on his own yet. He has made so much progress over the past year and he is quickly losing his baby face.

In honor of Caden’s second birthday we all went to see Finding Dory. And by all I mean seven kids, five adults, plus some friends from the middle floor of Rescue Home. I have never taken my entire house out at the same time and it was quite the feat but we managed. It’s hard to find something that everyone can participate in with such varying ages and different needs. But everyone can watch a movie and Finding Dory was a great movie with a really good message for the special needs community. Getting into the movie theater however was quite humorous as the stroller I brought for Thomas was broken. So I was walking through the crowded mall holding Caden, trying to push a broken stroller, and make sure all my caregivers were going in the right direction. India sure has taught me how to have a sense of humor!