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Many Hands

Have you ever wanted to complete the sponsorship of a child at Sarah's Covenant Homes, but didn't have the funds to make it happen? We understand donating $300 a month can be out of your reach, so we wanted to highlight a few of our children who only need a few extra bucks to complete their monthly sponsorship.

Below, are 5 of our amazing kids. They may vary in age and disability, but they are loved dearly by so many people around the world. Today, you can be one of those people too! Simply click the "Join Team ____" link and you will be directed to that child's personal giving page. So little goes such a long way and like they say, "Many hands makes for lighter loads." Consider being a monthly donor today and change a child's life for the better!


Name: Bethany

Location: Joy Home (Hyderabad, India)

Age: 5

Medical/Special Need: Hand and foot difference

Monthly Need: $10

Bethany was once a shy, quiet little girl, and while she still puts on a shy face....this little girl has some spunk! It is a joy to watch her open up and have fun at home with the other kids. Her dance moves are some of the best we've seen! Bethany has amazed us by how she has adapted everyday activities to work with her limb differences. She will always try to do something herself many times before coming and asking for help....she is determined to be independent, and we love that about her!


Name: Matthew

Location: Victory Home (Ongole, India)

Age: 12

Medical/Special Need: hemiplegia & strabismus

Monthly Need: $25

Matthew is a chatty, excitable and affectionate boy who has hemiplegia, a brain shunt, and strabismus of the eyes. He is very friendly with everyone, always has a positive outlook and adapts well to new situations.


Name: Naomi

Location: Jubilee Home (Hyderabad, India)

Age: 12

Medical/Special Need: Down syndrome

Monthly Need: $50

Naomi is a shy and silly girl. She loves to cuddle, make crafts, and create art. Naomi is crazy for swimming and wishes that she could spend every waking hour in the ocean among the waves. She also loves fashion and enjoys putting on fashion shows with her sisters in Jubilee Home.


Name: Penny

Location: Anchor Home (Hyderabad, India)

Age: 8

Medical/Special Need: cerebral palsy, orthopedic issues and a developmental delay

Monthly Need: $30

Penny is such a happy child! It doesn't take much to make this sweet girl smile from ear to ear. She loves being held and feeling anything with an interesting texture. Her sweet personality has caused everyone in her foster home to be completely smitten with her.


Name: Rebekah

Location: Jubilee Home (Hyderabad, India)

Age: 10

Medical/Special Need: Apert Syndrome

Monthly Need: $20

Rebekah is a sweet little darling who has born with a rare condition known as Apert's Syndrome. She loves to be silly and play with her foster sisters. Rebekah is quick to capture the hearts of anyone who meets her.


If you have any questions or issues becoming a sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact our sponsorship team. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.



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