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When Coffee is More than Coffee

Happy National Coffee Day! In honor of this fun little holiday we wanted to share with you all this post that one of our house moms wrote a few weeks back. While most of our Indian staff prefers tea, our foreign staff will 9 times out of 10 go for coffee as their hot drink of choice. Needless to say, the Starbucks in Hyderabad is a favorite among Western volunteers and staff. Read on to hear from Colleen just how God is using this coffeehouse to not only bless the houseparents and the kids of SCH, but also to spark change and family empowerment in India.


Living in the land of chai I will admit that I have one vice- I love coffee. And living with a house full of kids coffee is a necessity most days. And Indian coffee in general leaves much to be desired. I’m no coffee snob but I do have some standards. So thank goodness Starbucks has made its way to India. And there is one in our neighborhood that is beautiful and big and generally a little slice of home. I stop there at least one or twice a week. Over the past year I’ve built a relationship with the baristas there. One thing about being a foreigner with Indian children is that I get lots of questions. People here have no problem stopping me and asking why I have these children. Most people are genuinely curious and mean no harm by asking. I can be an odd sight with my Indian clothes with a child strapped onto me!