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Our Superstar

Chloe arrived at Sarah's Covenant Homes in September 2014, and her transformation has been

incredible since then. Although Chloe came into our care at 3-years-old, she could not walk and was completely non-verbal. She had experienced chronic, untreated ear infections that left her in pain and unable to clearly hear what was happening around her. In addition, Chloe had been born with bilateral anophthalmia, so she is completely blind. All of our children suffer in orphanages, but for our blind children, it is particularly difficult. Chloe spent the first 3 years of her life in a room with very little stimulation or affection. Without sight, she wasn't even able to look around and keep her mind occupied by watching what was going on around her.

Since arriving at SCH, Chloe has been able to take part in so many new opportunities! Her favorite is her community Wednesday dance class. Her favorite dance move is "hands on your hips!" as she sways side to side.

Chloe is a loved member of SCH's Courage Purple family, and is a star student at SCH's on-site school, Anjali School For the Blind. Chloe now walks, jumps and dances around the house. She talk and sings with her friends and foster family. She thinks she is quite hilarious, and you will often hear her laughing as she exclaims, "Chloe is so funny!". And we have to agree.

Chloe is quickly picking up braille and is a very bright little girl. So bright, in fact, that she has been accepted part-time at a private, international school starting in June! Chloe will spend half of her time in the mainstream classroom and half of her time at ASB where she will continue to focus on her Braille and other skills related to her blindness. Chloe is very social and considers everyone she meet a new friend, so she is really looking forward to going to school and being around the other children. We are looking forward to see Chloe's speech and development continue to take off even further!

Chloe, you are a superstar!

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