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The Story of My Kids

*This blog was written by our founder, Sarah Rebbavarapu, in 2011, during the first years of SCH. Information is not current, as the number of children and some other details have changed over the years.*


My kids have been denied. A lot. And they've experienced so much pain and rejection. Some of them were left alone in bus or train stations. One was dumped in a cemetery and left to die. Several were admitted into hospitals under false names and then abandoned. One was trafficked by beggars, her disability exploited for money at the hands of people who never loved her and never would. One child's mentally ill mother tried to murder him. Several others were relinquished to orphanages which were then closed down due to accusations of baby-buying and falsified records about ten years ago. Eventually most of them were admitted to the state government home, where hundreds of children are cared for. Most of the children in the orphanage do not have special needs, and some of them find local adoptive families. (International adoption was suspended from this state for many years following the scandals). Local families continue to adopt healthy children, but my kids were rarely even considered and just were not being chosen. Because there was so much to do for the others and the budget was so limited, my kids were neglected at the government orphanage. Only one of them was ever sent to school (blind school, f