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We believe family is foundational. We believe family is the most critical need of all children, and every child belongs in a family uniquely their own, full of unconditional love. As an organization we believe our first response should always be to see whether or not a child is able be reunited with their biological family with our support in the process.

family reunification india

We acknowledge that too many children who are orphaned in this world are disconnected from their biological family who love them, but find themselves unable to support their needs. We pray that we can step into the role of preventing abandonment and facilitating reunification, when appropriate, by providing the necessary support a family requires to sustain themselves. We hope to see family reunification replace institutionalization as this country’s first response to child abandonment. We pray to participate in this--empowering families first in order to empower, nurture, and love the child. 


For​ children who have been orphaned and are unable to be reunited with their family, we pray for adoption. We have been blessed to see and incredible number of local and international adoptions over the past ten years. Each adoption is a true, beautiful blessing to behold. Sarah’s Covenant Homes is not an adoption agency, but we hope to serve as strong advocates for our children in each and every way we can. Locally, our staff works tirelessly to complete paperwork, schedule appointments, and jump through all hoops necessary to ensure that our kids are able to be listed for adoption. Internationally, we work along side various agencies and adoption advocacy platforms to make our children visible to the world.

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