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For our children and young adults who do not have the opportunity to be reunited or adopted, we are committed to caring for them for the rest of their lives. We believe in covenant. In the promise of forever. In the sacred vow we make to love our children and young adults for each day of their lives, to the best our ability, as they completely deserve.

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As our children get older, we provide them with vocational opportunities where they are able to make jewelry, crafts, and handmade goods. We have been able to partner with businesses locally and internationally to sell these items, which brings revenue to help offset operation costs. Our vocational program provides our children and young adults with the opportunity to stay active and play a role in the community.

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More than that, our programs for our young adults encourage their independence and foster a sense of self-determination, autonomy, and confidence while also supporting them in the pursuit of their dreams. We hope to walk alongside every child and adult in our care as they construct a life and a future that is filled with all that they love and all the wonderful ways they powerfully impact the world around them.

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