The Advocate Program exists to help find sponsors for our children and young adults at SCH who are most under-funded. While many of our younger children become sponsored quickly, we adore our teenagers and young adults and love when sponsors are able to get to know them like we do!

The Advocate Program will go from July 1 - August 15 and will allow 15 volunteers to sign up to advocate for one of the children or young adults you see pictured below. Use these 6 weeks to share about these awesome kids with your networks. We will help by providing pictures and stories for you to use in your advocacy.


The goal is simple -- find sponsors! Anyone who signs up to sponsor during this time period joins your team and can come alongside you to help spread the word about the need for sponsorship. The team at the end of August 15 who has gained the most sponsorship money for their child will received a personalized video of their sponsor child!


If I sign up to be an Advocate, do I also need to sponsor the child I sign up for?

No. Advocates do not need to be sponsors, although you certainly can be! For people to join your team, they must sign up to sponsor.

How many people can participate?

We have 15 children currently listed so will be looking for 15 Advocates. If more people want to sign up, we will add more children to the list.

How does SCH sponsorship work?

Child sponsors receive 4 updates/year on their sponsor child. Three of these updates are by email and the final one comes in the mail at Christmas and includes a craft handmade by the sponsor child. It costs $350/month for us to fully care for a child living in our Hyderabad homes and $300/month to fully care for a child living in our Ongole homes. This includes everything we need to provide them with the best quality of care. Sponsorship money goes towards things like caregiver salaries, nurse salaries, therapist salaries, rent and utilities, food and snacks, water, medicine and vitamins, diapers, and medical appointment fees. Currently, SCH as a whole is only 51% funded so we do not have the funds we need to pay all our bills.

How do I sign up?

Email Nikki at schsponsorship@icmin.org and let her know which child you want to Advocate for. She will update the website showing that that child has an Advocate and will provide you with the info you need to spread the word. This info includes photos, stories, a monetary total of how much is still needed for the child to be fully sponsored, and a link that people can follow to sign up to sponsor at.

Why are the sponsorship totals different depending on the child?

Cost of living in lower in Ongole so it costs $300/month to fully care for our children living in Ongole and $350/month for a child living in Hyderabad. In addition, a small number of our children attend school outside of SCH. For those children, their school fees are added to their total on top of what it costs to care for them at SCH.