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The Advocate Program exists to help find sponsors for our children and young adults at SCH who are most under-funded. While many of our younger children become sponsored quickly, we adore our teenagers and young adults and love when sponsors are able to get to know them like we do!

The Advocate Program will go from July 1 - August 15 and will allow 15 volunteers to sign up to advocate for one of the children or young adults you see pictured below. Use these 6 weeks to share about these awesome kids with your networks. We will help by providing pictures and stories for you to use in your advocacy.


The goal is simple -- find sponsors! Anyone who signs up to sponsor during this time period joins your team and can come alongside you to help spread the word about the need for sponsorship. The team at the end of August 15 who has gained the most sponsorship money for their child will received a personalized video of their sponsor child!

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