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Brotherly Love

Here at SCH, our heartbeat is to usher our children toward family, whether that be through adoption, reunification or foster care - each way has the potential to alter the life of a child. If you have followed us on Facebook or read previous blogs, you’ll know that we are always talking about family. There is nothing we love more than to announce when one of our children goes home with their forever family, but one thing that we may not talk about as much is the reunification of children with their birth family.

SCH is shifting it's focus towards preventing the abandonment of children with special needs. We have been working with social workers and local volunteers to try to connect our children with their birth family. Though we understand there are many factors that go into whether or not it is possible or safe to reunite children with their birth families, we believe that if it is possible and safe, it can be the best way to bring about restoration and redemption to a child who has suffered significant loss by being abandoned.

A few of our children are not true ‘orphans’ in the sense of the word. Our children have been ‘orphaned’