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I Am Worth It: Valor's Surgery

Valor is special. So incredibly special. His smile, his sweet spirit, and the way he explodes with giggles when he's on the trampoline set him apart from the crowd. We love him for all of who he is, but not all of the things that make him different are fun. Valor was born with cerebral palsy, scoliosis, and a seizure disorder. His scoliosis was so severe that it not only caused him extreme discomfort, but also impacted his ability to move freely and even his breathing. Our hearts broke as we saw the unnatural curve of his spine impacting his ability to sit up in his wheel chair. His pain and discomfort increased until doctors informed us that there was an ever-increasing pressure on his lungs and heart. Although our staff was advised to wait until after Valor went through puberty to correct his spine, we knew that the time to intervene was now.

In January, Colleen (Valor's house parent) began the process of advocating for his surgery. She didn't realize how difficult it would be to allow Valor to have the surgery he needed. Some doctors questioned whether it was "worth it" to correct Valor's spine since he is not a "normal child." It was disheartening to say the least, but we advocated hard for him and insisted that he deserves to be able to live his life sitting up in a wheelchair without pain, not lying down in a bed day in and day out. After being met with much negativity, Colleen finally found a doctor who agreed that Valor was a good candidate for surgery. But Valor needed to gain some weight before the anethes