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Meet Clay

Meet the cutest boy around - Clay is a darling 2-year-old (soon to be 3 next month!) with a wonderful imagination. Most days you can find Clay cooking up a pot of curry on his play kitchen set. Any Indian cuisine, chai, chaphati, different types of curries, you name it, this kids loves to prepare them all on his plastic kitchen set. Clay will whip them up in no time and serve you a cup of tea with a charming smile.

Not only does this kid love to pretend to cook, he also loves to eat! Clay has yet to discover a food that he hasn't liked, but when it comes to favorites he doesn't like anything better than fresh fruit. Bananas and papayas are his favorite, he would eat them all if we let him. Clay is an independent little man who doesn't need any help feeding himself. Our little growing toddler quickly spoons away every bite until there are no crumbs left on his plate.

In his spare time, aside from preparing to become a master chef, Clay can be found playing outside on the trampoline. This kid loves to jump, jump, jump. He is constantly bouncing around with his friends and having a blast. He loves to play with his friends, especially, Eli. Those two boys are inseparable. They love to ride their bikes together all around Anchor Home.

Although clay is a tough kid, he also loves to sing and dance. This little ham is a total performer. He loves to soak up the audience's attention and laughter. It doesn't matter if the crowd is large or small, he loves to put on a show. His favorite song is the Chicken Dance. Clay will request to sing the Chicken Dance song everyday during circle time. He just cannot get enough! He loves to sing, dance, and wiggle his butt up and down, laughing hysterically the whole time.

It has been amazing to see this little boy grow over the past three years here at Sarah's Covenant Homes. When we first received him in 2014, Clay was just an infant. now he is walking, talking, interacting with others, building relationships with friends and caregivers, and discovering the magical world of make-believe. We are incredibly thankful for this wonderful little boy and pray that he will join a forever family soon. We know first-hand what a blessing he will be to a family.

If this little kiddo has captured your heart and you would like to receive updates on him throughout the year about his magical adventures and culinary arts, you can fill out this inquiry to learn more information about Clay and how to become his monthly sponsor.


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