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Meet Clay

Meet the cutest boy around - Clay is a darling 2-year-old (soon to be 3 next month!) with a wonderful imagination. Most days you can find Clay cooking up a pot of curry on his play kitchen set. Any Indian cuisine, chai, chaphati, different types of curries, you name it, this kids loves to prepare them all on his plastic kitchen set. Clay will whip them up in no time and serve you a cup of tea with a charming smile.

Not only does this kid love to pretend to cook, he also loves to eat! Clay has yet to discover a food that he hasn't liked, but when it comes to favorites he doesn't like anything better than fresh fruit. Bananas and papayas are his favorite, he would eat them all if we let him. Clay is an independent little man who doesn't need any help feeding himself. Our little growing toddler quickly spoons away every bite until there are no crumbs left on his plate.