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A Childhood: Rescued

What do you remember from your life at 8 years old? This age of simplicity and innocence might make you think of riding bikes with your friends, playing with dolls on your bedroom floor, or having your hair braided by your mother. Can you imagine how your life would have been different if YOU had to be the one to fill the roll of mother at such a young age? It’s hard to fathom, but that was the life Violet was living at 8 years old.

Before coming to Sarah’s Covenant Homes, she was the “mom” for a group of eight little girls. At a time when she very much still needed a mother to care for her, she stepped up to do whatever was needed for these younger girls. From dawn to dusk, she was their rock. Violet would make sure they got to school in the morning, help them with their homework in the afternoon, and at night she was their comfort and their last goodnight before going to sleep and then starting it all over again.

This all changed in November 2014 when the girls were rescued and came to live at Sarah’s Covenant Homes. They moved into Joy Home where a team of caregivers, teachers, and volunteers came around them to make sure that every need was met and that each girl was cared for. Suddenly, everything was different. Violet no longer needed to be a mother figure. At 8 years old, she could finally be a kid!

Today Violet is as free as a bird, just as she should be. This spunky tween is getting a second chance at her childhood. In her free time you can often find Violet riding her bike up and down the street, hair whipping behind her. If you’re trying to find her and she’s not on her bike, try looking for Joy Home’s guard dog Pepper... chances are Violet is nearby! She loves playing with the pup. Violet is also an artist. She loves to create, and can sit for hours painting and sketching. On the weekends, a local artist volunteers her time to come to Joy Home to give Violet art lessons. She loves it and is learning a lot. You may see this talented girl’s work hanging in an art gallery someday!

When she isn’t enjoying herself on her free time, Violet goes to a mainstream private school paid for by Sarah’s Covenant Homes. The high quality education she’s able to receive there makes every penny worth it. If you ask Violet what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll tell you- a doctor. She positively beams with pride when she talks about her dreams and the fact that she is the only kid in her class who wants go into the medical field. We can’t help beaming ourselves. This little lady is truly going places.

At Sarah’s Covenant Homes, Violet is able to live the life that every young girl should. She isn't bogged down with chores and the responsibility of caring for little ones, so she can relax and have fun. She isn’t so preoccupied with getting through the day and surviving the present that she has no time to think about the future. Instead she can dream big dreams and shoot for the stars. Her future is brighter than it could’ve been if she had never come to Sarah’s Covenant Homes. We believe kids deserve to be kids, and we fight for them to have the chance to grow up at their own pace. We know Violet is going to be an amazing woman and mother someday, but there will be plenty of time for that later. For now we just want her to enjoy being the beautiful, creative young 10-year-old lady she is meant to be.

Violet is in need of $300 a month in sponsorship. If her story gripped your heart in any way, would you consider joining her team by becoming a monthly sponsor? As a sponsor, you will receive quarterly updates about Violet throughout the year. Please join us in helping this girl succeed in all her dreams.


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