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A Childhood: Rescued

What do you remember from your life at 8 years old? This age of simplicity and innocence might make you think of riding bikes with your friends, playing with dolls on your bedroom floor, or having your hair braided by your mother. Can you imagine how your life would have been different if YOU had to be the one to fill the roll of mother at such a young age? It’s hard to fathom, but that was the life Violet was living at 8 years old.

Before coming to Sarah’s Covenant Homes, she was the “mom” for a group of eight little girls. At a time when she very much still needed a mother to care for her, she stepped up to do whatever was needed for these younger girls. From dawn to dusk, she was their rock. Violet would make sure they got to school in the morning, help them with their homework in the afternoon, and at night she was their comfort and their last goodnight before going to sleep and then starting it all over again.

This all changed in November 2014 when the girls were rescued and came to live at Sarah’s Covenant Homes. They moved into Joy Home where a team of caregivers, teachers, and volunteers came around them to make sure that every need was met and that each girl was cared for. Suddenly, everything was different. Violet no longer needed to be a mother figure. At 8 years old, she could fin